What’s In Store

First up, Macy’s are pulling on the heartstrings this holiday season, referencing their revered Thanksgiving Day parade. (There is something of John Lewis about it.) Target are chasing Hispanic shoppers, both in the form of display ads and this TV feature. In other news, they will partner with Victoria Beckham for the next instalment in their ‘Collaboration’ series. This insightful piece looks at those retailers who will close on Thanksgiving and why. US consumers now consider 2 day shipping to be ‘fast’, 3-4 was the benchmark in 2015 (time flies). H&M launched a very expensive weekday NDD: at this price point it feels gimmicky. Google Express now covers 90% of the US! Alphabet are focusing on vendors whose offerings cannot compete with Prime. Also, they are experimenting with voice search shopping: ask for ‘black jeans’ and the engine will return results in stores near your location! It will be interesting to see whether or not brands can pay to be included in the list and whether Google will be required (legally) to call-out a sponsored result…

Tech Corner

The big news this month, Twitter is closing Vine. This article claims to know why. Yet the truth is, the little bird simply didn’t adapt the channel enough nor integrate into Twitter sufficiently. Given the rise of Stories (etc.) and the general obsession with GIFs this must go down as a ‘how did that happen?’ moment.

Facebook have developed ‘Marketplace‘ aimed at challenging Craig’s List / eBay, it utilises the map feature to guide people to the seller’s location (no payment mechanism – yet). eBay have bought image recognition firm ‘Corrigon‘ to form the cornerstone of their ‘home décor’ charge. Zuckerberg’s vendetta against Snapchat continues, this time via an image feature that is very similar to lenses. Plus, they are rolling-out ‘Direct’, which lets people share content amongst groups with the caveat that if those included stop commenting, it disappears. (Possible ‘refer a friend’ mechanic?) Not sure what you’ve got in the fridge whilst on your commute home? Soon Ford drivers will be able to ask their connected home devices from inside their cars using Alexa. In the same space Google have announced their new phone ‘Pixel‘, along with other key products including a foray into voice-responsive speakers and VR. Talking of which, the NBA are backing VR too, promising to live-stream one game per week. Groupon has bought one-time rival LivingSocial. This might end in tears.

Small But Important

  • Business Insider outlines male shopping habits – think online, think phones… Thisprovides age group data. Nielsen research highlights African-American digitalbehaviours.
  • Here are the next set of emojis!
  • Some great stats about the ‘plus’ market (still under-served).
  • Who’s winning the cosmetics war, Kendall or Kylie?
  • This great piece reveals how Martha Stewart conquered Facebook Live, in terms of engagement and driving revenue from partners.
  • Tinder can now serve the most popular photos (as opposed to the ones that you think are best); except if that photo contains things that prompt an individual viewer to swipe left, e.g. pets.
  • Amazon China is taking-on Alibaba with NDD in-country.
  • Nike developed the Back To The Future II self-tying sneakers! 89 were made (the film was released in 1989) to be won by entering a $10 lottery.
  • J.Crew have joined-up with New Balance for an ‘athleisure’ range.
  • Revolve promoted the Jessica Alba xDL1961 line.
  • Glossy believes the next ‘disruptor’ is Trunk Club style retailers for kids.
  • In a nice tie-up Jim Beam (bourbon) offered 1,000 free Uber rides to Cubs fans in Chicago – watching the World Series.
  • The 50 best apps of the year? Thanks Time. (Pocket is amazing.)
  • Reebok designed a version of Clinton’s debate pantsuit. Yes, really. Clinton then curateda page on her website about how to copy her various looks for Halloween!
  • GAP have extended their ‘PACE‘ initiative (which supports female education throughout the developing world) to include girls.
  • Bonobos are asking people to swap their old chinos (for a future discount) so that they can be given to people who are going to job interviews. It’s a good campaign that plays well with their audience.
  • Switch is Nintendo’s new console and it looks incredible.
  • Finally, an aspiring marketer in San Francisco dressed as a donut delivery man and gave his sweetened CV to top execs at 30 companies. He scored two interviews!
  • Actually finally, UPS created ‘Elevator Pitch‘, a YouTube series that tests the old adage: contestants are invited to ride 24 floors with business guru Marcus Lemonis and explain their idea. Once they reach the top their time is up! One lucky winner (per episode) is awarded $10,000!